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The list of seemingly minor injuries that can become life-altering after a collision is unfortunately quite long. Questions about your own legal rights and No-Fault insurance benefits after a collision. We hear from victims who have suffered personal injuries that are preventing them from returning to work and they want to know if and how No-Fault can help them pay their bills.

You should get an attorney after a car accident in Michigan immediately whenever an insurance company is offering you money to settle your claim. This could be the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your own No-Fault auto insurance company. Do not agree to settle and do not sign any settlement agreements without reviewing the settlement first with an experienced lawyer.

They are not calling you to try to settle to be nice. They are calling you to try to settle because they know it will save them money. If there is any question as to who is at fault or who caused the crash. The police report isn’t always accurate.

Injured people can always call with questions about how to get their crash-related medical expenses paid through their No-Fault auto insurance coverage. As I wrote above, you unfortunately cannot always depend on your own claims adjuster to be honest and upfront with you about what you are entitled to. Many of the calls we get from victims involve their frustration and desperation when their auto insurance companies refuse to pay or cut-off payment of No-Fault benefits.

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Victims should get an attorney after a car accident when they experience delays from their insurance claims adjuster. Sadly, it is normal to experience unreturned phone calls, getting your claim file passed along to different insurance adjusters, and multiple medical record requests for the same information over and over again as a way to delay or deny claims.

If not, the victim will forfeit and permanently lose the right to reimbursement from the insurance company – and the crash victim will be responsible for the incurred bill or expense. Victims and their families frequently have questions about No-Fault attendant care benefits. Questions such as how many hours of attendant care are covered and how much will the insurance company pay to care providers are very common.

In these situations, a good attendant care can often double or triple the amount that an insurance company will pay. It’s very common – and completely understandable – that victims will call for legal advice to learn what their rights are and what their legal options may be. If our lawyers conclude that you do not need to get an attorney after a car accident, we will tell you.

But it is always a good idea to be fully informed on what you are entitled to. These are just some of the reasons why a might need to get an attorney after a car accident in Michigan. There are a lot more. It is never a waste of your time to talk to an experienced legal expert.

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Why should you get a lawyer after crash in Michigan? Another reason you should get a lawyer after an automobile crash in Michigan is to help avoid legal loopholes (Who was driving the FedEx truck in Texas). Most victims don’t know or aren’t aware of them and if the loopholes are not dealt with properly, then victims could be denied the benefits and compensation they are entitled to.

Not every car accident case requires an attorney. If you were in a very minor car accident and did not sustain injuries, for example, you likely don’t need to speak with a lawyer just to sort out a property damage claim. However, if you have suffered significant injury and are now dealing with mounting medical expenses and are unable to work, you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Our attorneys understand this and have extensive experience taking on large insurance companies that seek to minimize, delay, or deny claims. The Most Common Ways Our Lawyers Can Assist With A Car Accident Claim Include: Provide a free evaluation: Our attorneys understand that car accident victims are not typically in a position to pay a lawyer after a crash.

For this reason, our car accident lawyers offer free, no-obligation case evaluations. A consultation allows our lawyer to review your case and advise you of your legal options, all at no cost to you. Investigate your crash: Investigating the cause of an accident is no easy task. It’s necessary, though, as it’s the only way to know who should be held liable.

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These are just a few types of experts whom our lawyers can contact to help with a claim. Manage settlement negotiations: Insurance companies don’t want to pay out on large claims. The more they pay, the more profits they lose (How much is pain and suffering worth in California? in elk-grove-village, il). As such, they often offer low settlements, hoping accident victims are happy to receive anything at all.

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To receive that help, you should contact our firm as soon as possible after a collision. Accident victims have a lot to deal with after a crash. They are typically suffering from injury, trying to determine when they can go back to work, and wondering how they are going to pay for their medical expenses.

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Evidence can disappear: Some evidence, such as tire marks on a road, will naturally disappear over time. Other evidence, such as vehicle parts left at the accident site, may be cleaned up or even taken by the at-fault party to make it more difficult for the accident victim to prove fault.

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Documentation of your losses should begin immediately: When filing a car accident claim, you want to get compensation for all your losses and expenses associated with the accident. As such, your losses must be documented from the very beginning of the case. While you may keep records of things such as medical expenses, your attorney will ensure other losses, such as the cost of transportation to doctor’s appointments, are also documented.

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This is known as the statute of limitations. Once the statute of limitations expires, accident victims are typically barred from receiving any compensation at all. While two years sounds like a long time, it’s not. Lawyers must collect evidence, gather documentation, consult with experts, and more. All of that takes time, which is why speaking to a lawyer soon after a crash is so important.

When this happens and victims can no longer receive the same amount of income they once earned, a lawyer will include this type of compensation in a claim. Property damage: Vehicles can sustain an immense amount of damage in a claim. If your car needs major repair, or you need to replace it after a crash, a lawyer will also include these costs. average payout for nerve damage car accident.

If your cellphone or any other property was damaged, a lawyer will also advise on compensation for these losses. car rearend. Pain and suffering: The injuries that result from a car accident are severe and inflict a great amount of pain and suffering on accident victims. The courts recognize this as a loss, and compensation is available for it.