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But the evidence can disappear if a lawyer doesn’t move fast because rain, wind, and other traffic can scatter it. The cars themselves are often evidence. The damage to the cars can show how severe the accident was, and can help an accident reconstruction expert determine how the collision happened.

If the damage to the cars is important, a good car accident lawyer will want to get photographs of the cars, or have an accident reconstruction expert conduct a 3D scan of the cars, before they are repaired or crushed. That may not leave much time. If the car can be repaired, then the attorney has to get the photographs or 3D scan before the repairs are made.

If you have personal relationships with your doctors or have good health insurance, this many not be an issue. But some people who have been hurt in car accidents may not have health insurance and may not know where to turn for medical treatment. The local emergency room or urgent care clinic can only do so much.

Memories can fade and witnesses can lose interest. Sometimes immediately after a car accident, witnesses are ready to come forward and share what they saw. The witness may have vivid memories of the injured person in pain, or may be angry at the at-fault driver for not paying attention. But over time, witnesses can forget about what happened and become less motivated to share what they saw.

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1. Delay Your Car Accident Settlement, There are three benefits an insurance company may gain by delaying your case. First, they can hold onto the money longer so it’s earning interest for them instead of you. Second, as time drags on, medical bills mount, and you become desperate for cash, the chances of an insurance company settling for a low amount increase.

The insurance company may ask for more medical records to “analyze.” They may promise they are trying their best on your behalf to close the case and pay you. Of course, once you provide the requested records, they will tell you they need some other information before they can offer you a full payment.

But once the statute of limitations has run out, you have lost all your rights, and you’ve lost them permanently. car crash lawyers. Those little checks and the promise of a bigger pay-off will immediately stop. They may simply not respond or pick up their phone, leaving you to wonder what is happening with your case.

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So why in the world would we want to drag your case out? That would be not only bad for you, but bad for us as well! No car accident lawyer wants to “drag your case out,” as insurance companies sometimes claim. That would make no sense. It’s just something insurance companies say when they’re hoping to talk you out of hiring a lawyer.

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Being ready to try the case in front of a jury is the ultimate weapon, and it is usually an accident victim’s only real weapon. lawyers that sue trucking companies. If an insurance company knows that you (and your lawyer) are ready and willing to go to trial, then they know they have to pay you the full amount.

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Why would they? If an injured person is unable to take the case to trial because he or she has not hired a lawyer, then the insurance company knows that the person will eventually have to take whatever amount the insurance company offers—even if it is too low. Of course the insurance company won’t come out and tell you that.

They say that because they’re hoping that they can offer less than the full amount you’re entitled to, and you’ll take the money because you don’t realize they’re lowballing you. But think about the insurance company’s real goals - How is a settlement amount calculated? in elk-grove-village, il. Will the insurance company make more money for itself if it pays you the full amount, or if it pays you less?3.

In Georgia, the at-fault driver (or the at-fault driver’s insurance company) has to compensate an injured person for his or her medical bills, even if the injured person had medical insurance. The reason is that someone who causes a collision or hurts someone else should not get a ‘discount’ on the damage that he or she caused just because the injured person was smart enough to have insurance.

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That process is called subrogation. And if the car insurance company didn’t pay you for your medical bills, where does that leave you? The car insurance company paid you just a little bit of money (for “pain and suffering,” maybe), and now your health insurance company or worker’s compensation insurer is telling you that you have to give that money back to them to cover your medical bills - truck accident today.

Surgeries work the same way: the doctor who performed the surgery will send one bill, the hospital or facility where the surgery was performed will send a second bill, and the anesthesiologist will probably send a third. You are entitled to be compensated for of those bills. Car insurance companies know that, but they probably won’t tell you about it.

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They may admit that you had treatment or a surgery after the collision. But later in the process, they may pull the so-called “causation” defense. That means they’ll argue that your injuries were caused by something other than the accident, and therefore they shouldn’t have to pay you the full amount.

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They’ll dig through your medical records for years or even decades before the accident, trying to find some medical record from somewhere in your past that they can say proves that you already had this injury. Or they’ll claim that some event after the collision is what caused the injury, so they shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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In many cases, the insurance company will hire a radiologist—that is, someone who reads MRIs—to look at your MRI and claim that the injury looks old, so it must not have been caused by this accident. Insurance companies pay these radiologists hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even, over the course of years, millions of dollars), so some dishonest radiologists will say pretty much whatever the insurance companies want.

The other party’s insurance company will do everything they can to show you are partly at fault, because that reduces their pay-out. In other words, by blaming you, the insurance company keeps more money for itself. Soon after a collision, you may be contacted by both your insurance company and the other person’s insurance company.

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The insurance company may push you into accepting a low settlement that is unlikely to cover your real expenses, which will still be rolling in. best lawyers for truck accidents in elk-grove-village, il. They may also record what you say in hopes that they can find something to use against you later. The insurance adjuster may tell you that you must accept a settlement agreement by a particular date.